Domestic Fiction

by Steev baker

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This collection of demos and older songs on the theme of failed relationships is being released in anticipation of a new full length on the same theme, tentatively scheduled for release in 2017. The new album will include full band versions of 8 new songs + new versions of Better Homes and Gardens, Frank Lloyd Wright, and They shoot mourning doves (solo version available here on Bandcamp on my "Leaving Wisconsin" ep).

Thanks to Jon Olszowy for lending his numerous talents to these songs


released October 3, 2016

Photo by Charles Nevsimal.



all rights reserved


Steev baker Madison, Wisconsin

Steev baker sings about people just like you, doing just what you do. He has been heavily influenced by the way you walk and wear your clothes, the letters you write and the photos from your family vacation.

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Track Name: Palindromes
I've learned a lot of good things
I taught myself how to forget:
the history I'm doomed to repeat
as though I haven't lived it yet.
Track Name: Domestic Fiction
the happy and the few
Track Name: 1994
In the tall grass
we lay our bodies down
to remind ourselves we're more
than just the sum of this small town
Track Name: Nerve
Doris dear,
We've got to find some time when we can reminisce and laugh about the drama and all the silly, careless things we did. When we can finally share about all those failed suicide attempts and how we finally lost our nerve and gave in to happiness.
Track Name: Frank Lloyd Wright
I loved you more than Frank Lloyd Wright loved anything at all
The things that we built are fragile and waiting to fall
Track Name: Better Homes and Gardens
The blood was for our sins
the alcohol covered the rest.
I stood there at door
training my eyes to see your silhouette
while the snow came down
like the end of the world
on the headless stalks
of last summer's flower beds.
I'll tear down these walls
and build something better:
a cage that will keep us
safe with each other so
please come home.
Track Name: O lord have patience
"Patience is virtuous,
but knowledge is all that I needed to live.
Love is a chemical and trust is as much
as we're willing to give."
Track Name: Bloodstains
Dear Suicide,
You always look so good. With your dress so white and the confident way you stood. Your hands so tight on that length of rope, standing there along with my last hope.

Dear Murderous Rage,
You always sound so true. With your gentle voice and the promises you could not possibly keep. In the end, there are so many things that you take away. I'm left alone with nothing but bloodstains.

Dear Guilty Hands,
Let me look at you one last time. You went from potential to actually committing the crime. How still you seem! And quiet and average and scared. But I know how quick you can move when I'm unprepared.